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Your Brain on Franchising

Have you ever wanted to storm out of the office and tell your boss that you quit?

Many people are held back from doing this exact thing by the fear of self-employment or not having a job at all. Even though being wage-employed is just as risky as being self-employed, being self-employed shows a much higher satisfaction rate.

By downloading our free infographic, “This Is Your Brain on Franchising,” you’ll learn some of the benefits of being your own boss as opposed to working for someone else.


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Fill out the form to download our free infographic to see how you can benefit from the option of self-employment by owning your own Hot Dog on a Stick franchise. Being your own boss suddenly got a lot easier!

Here’s what you’ll find:

  • Satisfaction rate of wage-employed workers compared to self-employed workers
  • Debt statistics of wage-employed workers compared to self-employed workers
  • How much money you can make if you’re self-employed