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No Time? No Problem! You Can Own a Restaurant Franchise on a Time Budget

  • June 18, 2015

You may be hesitant about owning a restaurant franchise because you don’t think you have the time. In fact, there are franchise opportunities for any amount of time. Choosing to open a restaurant franchise

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A Hot Dog on a Stick Story You’ll Never Believe

  • June 12, 2015

It seems like such a simple concept. Cover a hot dog in batter and add a handle. But the idea caught on. Soon families everywhere were enjoying Hot Dog on a Stick. Some people enjoyed it so much, they

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10 Signs You Love Hot Dog on a Stick So Much You Should Own It

  • June 2, 2015

Do you remember walking by a toy store window as a kid and seeing an item you just had to have? You begged and pleaded to your parents. You wrote letters to Santa. You even tried to save money and buy

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hot dog franchise family

We’re More than a Hot Dog Franchise, We’re a Family

  • May 28, 2015

You may not think that a hot dog franchise could be anything more than a job. You may not think employees can come to work excited for the opportunity to serve customers delicious, original hot dog meals.

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Should You Be a Franchiser? Take Our Quiz to Find Out!

  • May 21, 2015

Is Franchising a Good Option for Me? Perhaps you are considering franchising, but aren’t sure it’s for you? Maybe you’ve seen hot franchise opportunities but haven’t taken the next step because

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Is a Hot Dog Franchise Right for you?

  • May 15, 2015

Looking into getting into the franchise business? If you want to become involved with a restaurant that has time-tested and approved treats and a loyal customer base, look no further than Hot Dog on a

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