The Anatomy of a Hot Dog on a Stick Store - Hot Dog Franchise

The Anatomy of a Hotdog On A Stick Store

If you’re looking to invest in a well-known brand while still maintaining the flexibility of having the opportunity to open in a variety of locations, then Hot Dog on a Stick could be the franchise for you!

Hot Dog on a Stick has a flexible franchise model that can fit in a wide variety of locations, including:

  • Traditional locations such as malls and food courts
  • Non-traditional locations such as airports, college campuses, theme parks, and more
  • Off mall stores
  • Kiosks


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Because Hot Dog on a Stick has a flexible store model, the sky is the limit when it comes to deciding where to open your franchise! Download our FREE infographic to learn more about the many options that are available for you to open your franchise and why a Hot Dog on a Stick store is a great opportunity for you!

How much does it cost to open a hot dog on a stick franchise?