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A Day in the Life of a Hot Dog on a Stick Franchisee

Everybody loves a hot dog. In 2015, Americans spent more than $2.5 billion on hot dogs in supermarkets alone. That doesn’t account for all of […]

From Humble Beginnings to a Thriving Franchise

There aren’t many restaurant franchises that have been around longer than thirty years, but Hot Dot on a Stick has been an American icon for […]

History of an American Classic: How Hot Dogs Came to Be

Hot dogs are as American as apple pie, and they’re so popular, more than 20 billion are served up across the nation each year. You […]

A Trip Back in Time: What Hot Dog on a Stick Looked Like 70, 40, and 20 Years Ago

For almost seventy years, we have been providing delicious food, delightful service, and profitable franchise opportunities. Our Hot Dog on a Stick franchise is much […]

Hot Dogs and Lemonade: A Great Combination

Hot Dogs and Lemonade anyone? It’s a mouthwatering proposition and now that Hot Dog on a Stick has become a powerhouse franchise, growing by leaps […]

How the Rest of the World Eats a Hot Dog

On the long list of possible investments, a hot dog franchise opportunity might be a good way to go because hot dogs are an extremely popular fast […]

5 Hot Dog on a Stick Myths About Franchising: Busted!

Owning any type of fast food restaurant franchises will give you a quick education. You might see long lines to your favorite sandwich shop and […]

7 Fun Facts About Hot Dog on a Stick

Hot Dog on a Stick is nearly seventy years old and the company is still continuing to grow, starting from the origins of the recipe […]

3 Surprising Facts About Food Court Franchises

The mall’s food court is a place for people to meet up for a meal. Every mall has a food court filled with the best […]

A Hot Dog on a Stick Story You’ll Never Believe

It seems like such a simple concept. Cover a hot dog in batter and add a handle. But the idea caught on. Soon families everywhere […]

10 Signs You Love Hot Dog on a Stick So Much You Should Own It

Do you remember walking by a toy store window as a kid and seeing an item you just had to have? You begged and pleaded […]

We’re More than a Hot Dog Franchise, We’re a Family

You may not think that a hot dog franchise could be anything more than a job. You may not think employees can come to work […]

4 Myths About the Restaurant Industry: Busted!

If you’re looking into exploring your opportunities with restaurant franchises, you’ve likely come across some key arguments or statements that have been touted as facts […]

4 Reasons Franchising Is Better Than Your 9 to 5 Job

We’ve all had a job where we worked for someone else. Most individuals still do, in fact. While some people truly luck out and find […]

Hot Dog! 6 Fun Facts about America’s Favorite Meal

Since it was first introduced to the public, the hot dog has transformed into an American icon. This coveted cuisine has made its way into […]